Major upgrade: MyScale now features text search functionality!
Major upgrade: MyScale now features
text search functionality!
Major upgrade: MyScale now features text search functionality!
Major upgrade: MyScale now features
text search functionality!

SQL-friendly, Cost-effective Vector Database

Build AI Applications in Minutes: Complex Queries, Massive Data Processing Made Easy

Trusted SQL/Integrated Vector Database

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Data Foundation to Maximize AI Application Performance

SQL & Vector Unified

Store and manage structured and vector data in one system with powerful and familiar SQL.

Rich Data Types & Functions

Numeric, date/time, text, geospatial, JSON, vector, time series all supported.

High Accuracy Filtered Search

Combine structured and vector querying for high accuracy RAG.

Text to SQL Vector

Translate text into flexible and precise SQL & vector joint queries.

AI Functions

Perform vectorization and reranking AI functions using SQL.


Store AI agent logs and traces in database for observability and continuous improvement.

High-Performance and Cost-Efficient

High Capacity & Speed

A single c1x1 pod supports up to 10 million 768D vectors, while the s1x1 pod achieves over 150 QPS with 5 million vectors.

Swift Data Ingestion

Ingest & build index for 5 million points in under 30 minutes for faster serving.

Flexible Data Management

Manage multiple tables with different vector indexes in one pod, reducing complexity and cost.

Easy Data Import/Export

Support for Parquet, CSV/TSV and compressed tar files facilitates seamless data transfer with a single SQL command.

MyScale Solutions

Customer Support
Quickly Establishing a Customer Service Messaging Center Based on Proprietary Product Content and Service Terms for Businesses
Academic Research
Building Knowledge Base for Hundreds of Millions of Academic Papers or Professional Documents
Enterprise QA
Rapidly Building a Company-Specific Knowledge Base Using RAG Pipeline
Legal Document
Assisting Legal Tech Companies or Corporate Legal Departments with Legal Document Review or Production
Financial Analysis
Empowering Financial Professionals to Gain Insights from News, Earnings, and Research
AI Character Chat
Building a Role-Playing QA Application to Provide Users with Personalized Chat Services
Image Search
Performing Similarity Searches on a Massive Image Library Using Text or Images
Building High-Performance, High-Accuracy Biometric Security Identification Services Such as Fingerprint, Facial, Iris, and Voice Recognition


MyScale supports hybrid search but the current implementation does not utilize a full-text index or sparse vector index which makes it inefficient.
  • SQL and Vector Support
  • Metadata support
  • High accuracy filtered search
  • High performance filtered search
  • Hybrid search support
  • Cost-performance
  • Cost-performance for filtered-search

Security and Compliance

Access the benefits of SaaS with confidence in security. MyScale provides end-to-end protection, empowering your organization to efficiently and securely share data with others, ensuring peace of mind throughout the process.

MyScale Integration