# vector_indices

Contains information about vector indexes of MergeTree tables.

Each row describes one vector index.


  • database (String) - Name of the database.
  • table (String) - Name of the table.
  • name (String) - Name of the vector index.
  • type (String) - Vector index type (e.g., MSTG, IVFFLAT, HNSW).
  • expr (String) - Expression used to create the vector index (e.g., ALTER TABLE {database}.{table} ADD VECTOR INDEX {expr}).
  • total_part (Int64) - Total data parts in the table. Each data part corresponds to a vector index segment.
  • parts_with_vector_index (Int64) - Data parts with a built vector index segment.
  • small_parts (Int64) - Small data parts with row numbers less than min_rows_to_build_vector_index (a MergeTree engine parameter, default: 0). We don't build vector index segment for small data parts.
  • status (String) - Vector index status (Built, InProgress, or Error).
  • host_name (String) - Hostname of the current database.
  • latest_failed_part (String) - Latest failed data part name (if status is Error).
  • latest_fail_reason (String) - Latest build failure exception information (if status is Error).


SELECT * FROM system.vector_indices
Row 1:
database:                default
table:                   Benchmark
name:                    40m_mstg
type:                    MSTG
expr:                    `40m_mstg` vector TYPE MSTG('metric_type=L2')
total_parts:             1
parts_with_vector_index: 1
small_parts:             0
status:                  Built
host_name:               chi%2Dtaptap%2D40m%2Dtest%2Dclickhouse%2D0%2D0%2D0%2Echi%2Dtaptap%2D40m%2Dtest%2Dclickhouse%2D0%2D0%2Etaptap%2Esvc%2Ecluster%2Elocal:9000
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