# vector_index_segments

Contains information about vector index segments of MergeTree tables.

Each row describes one vector index segment within one active data part.


  • database (String) - Name of the database.
  • table (String) - Name of the table.
  • part (String) - Name of the data part.
  • owner_part (String) - Name of the original owner data part for the vector index segment (if mutations occurred, this field contains the old data part name).
  • owner_part_id (Int32) - ID of the owner_part to differentiate between old data parts.
  • name (String) - Name of the vector index.
  • type (String) - Vector index type (e.g., MSTG, IVFFLAT, HNSW).
  • status (String) - Vector index segment status (SMALL_PART, PENDING, BUILDING, BUILT, LOADED, or ERROR).
  • total_vectors (UInt64) - Total number of vectors in the index.
  • memory_usage_bytes (UInt64) - Size of the vector index in memory (if loaded into memory) in bytes.
  • disk_usage_bytes (UInt64) - Size of the vector index on disk in bytes.
  • progress (UInt8) - Vector index build progress (ranging from 0 to 100).
  • elapsed (UInt64) - Time elapsed (in seconds) since the start of the vector index build.
  • error (String) - Reason for the vector index build failure (if status is ERROR).


SELECT * FROM system.vector_index_segments
Row 1:
database:           default
table:              Benchmark
part:               all_0_4882_5
owner_part:         all_0_4882_5
owner_part_id:      0
name:               Benchmark_X1E2
type:               MSTG
status:             LOADED
total_vectors:      5000000
memory_usage_bytes: 960000000
disk_usage_bytes:   15360000000
progress:           100
elapsed:            0
Last Updated: Tue May 07 2024 02:28:12 GMT+0000